NYC Mattress Disposal…Avoid the $100 Fine!!!

NYC Mattress Disposal

Avoid a $100 fine with a Mattress Bag from

Throwing your old mattress and box spring out on the curb is no longer as easy as it use to be. As of January 3rd, 2011, full enforcement began in New York City to combat Bed Bugs. The New York City Department of Sanitation requires all City residents to fully encase within a sealed plastic bag all mattresses and box springs beingdiscarded. This new rule is aimed to help prevent the increase in bed bug activity. Bed bugs tend to live in bedding, such as mattresses and box springs, hiding in their crevices until they are ready to feed.
Under the new rule, failure to place a mattress or box spring out for pick-up in a proper bag can result in a $100 fine. See DSNY Release offers a complete line of mattress bags and box spring covers to ensure residents of New York City can comply with the new rule when disposing of their mattress and box springs.

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