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Moving soon? Each month, families all over America move from one home or state to another. The reasons for this vary greatly and usually include things like being transferred to a new job location or buying a new home. It can be exciting to move but it can also be very stressful. Moving, in fact, tops the list right up there with divorce as one of the most stressful events in our lives. You can greatly eliminate much of the stress though by careful planning. Start early and make lists. Often, when moving, we put everything off till the last minute. As soon as you know that you may be moving, make a list of everything you’ll need to do and then start working on the list.

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Boxes and Packing Supplies

You’ll need plenty of moving boxes, tape, a tape dispenser, some bubble wrap and other moving supplies like a furniture dolly or blankets for moving. If you have a spare room or a spot on a porch or in a garage, then begin to gather the moving supplies you’ll need so that when the time comes, you will have everything you need to get the job done. Many times, families drive around to various grocery stores in search of boxes for moving, but offers professional grade moving boxes and packing supplies to customers nationwide. You can order all types of boxes and packing supplies and have them delivered right to your door within a few days. That way you can mark one important item off your list. also offers quality moving blankets, such as you will need to wrap fragile electronics, your mirrors, lamps and other delicate items.

Hiring a Moving Company

Many families try to handle the move themselves in an effort to save money but be sure to do an accurate accounting of the cost of moving yourself. If you have to take additional time off work, then that could easily add up to several hundred dollars. If you do decide to hire a moving company, be sure to do your homework. Check out the company’s ratings and see if they have any negative feedback online. You are better off to do it yourself than hire a shoddy company that will do a terrible job. Spend a little extra and hire licensed bonded movers with excellent feedback.

Making a Calendar leading to Moving Day

This tip goes along with making your moving lists. If you have a spare calendar lying around then get it down and mark the specific dates for completing each phase of the move. For instance, if you want to have all your packing done by two days before the actual move, then you could estimate the number of boxes you will need to pack and figure out how many per day need to be packed in order to reach that goal. Mark things on your calendar like notifying the utility companies. This can usually be done weeks in advance so don’t leave it till the last moment and then learn that they will not be able to install your cable, etc. on the date you requested.

Make Sure Everything Arrives Safely

The friendly folks at believe your valuables deserve the utmost protection during transit. Think of the heartbreak of arriving at your new destination only to find that your prized Tiffany Lamp has been damaged. Every day in America, families move from one place to the next and it’s very common for them to begin unpacking and find that expensive China is cracked or irreplaceable vases and figurines have been chipped. is proud to offer the industry standard moving boxes. These are the same boxes and supplies used by professional moving companies all across America. And they are offered at economical prices with free shipping on all orders. There’s really no reason to go with inferior boxes and moving supplies when you can afford the best. When you want to make sure that all your stuff arrives safely at its destination, choose

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