Definition of a successful move

Moving day will look different to everybody, but we think there are some key components to a successful moving day. Use our helpful tips below to make sure your moving day is a success.

  1. Be more organized than you ever thought possible. You will thank yourself even more than your moving day helpers.
  2. Be prepared. Have the right moving supplies and moving boxes.
  3. Be efficient. Please, we beg you, if you are asking friends and family to help you with your move, please do not ask them when they show up with their truck to start taping together boxes so you can start packing. Efficiency can mean staging, properly marking boxes, and having a strategy for moving your items. Don’t be that guy.
  4. Keep your sense of humor.
  5. Please wear deodorant. Please?
  6. Do properly secure your items. With tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, string and rope. Make it appropriate for each item. Yes, wise guy, we know you’re probably not using string for the fine china.
  7. Communication! It’s the key for successful relationships and it’s the key to keeping those relationships when moving. Don’t be that guy who will ask you to lift the other end of the couch but not tell you where it’s going.
  8. Keep yourself and your party motivated. What does this look like to you? Pizza break? Moving day playlist? Singing showtunes? Gauge the temperature and keep the energy high. Don’t reward your helpers with alcohol until the end. Alcohol + fragile moving items = you’re going to have a bad time.
  9. Don’t pack boxes that are too heavy to lift. Books are heavy. Did you know that? Books are really heavy. If you can’t lift that box of china safely, how do you think it is going to arrive in one piece?
  10. Declutter prior to packing and moving. You will thank yourself for this later. I promise you don’t need four copies of The Notebook on dvd.
  11. Stay hydrated. Seriously. And vodka doesn’t count just because it’s clear.

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2 Responses to Definition of a successful move

  1. Diana Prince says:

    What about vodka mixed with Powerade?

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