How to: Storing seasonal clothing

September signifies a lot of changes. Kids are back in school, the weather starts to shift and you’re seeing seasonal holiday items show up in the stores. With all of these changes, you’re going to need to shift your wardrobe from light and airy summer clothes to heavier sweaters and pants. Here are some steps to making sure your clothes are protected for the season of storage ahead. is a great place to start for your storage needs. Go with a pre-packaged kit that will take the guesswork out of what you will need or create your own custom kit. Storage Boxes can be kept in storage for ten years which means you’re going to get a lot of use out of these boxes.

  • Only store clean clothes. This might sound obvious but it needs to be said.
  • Use cedar to keep bugs at bay. Lavender sachets are also a lovely option.
  • Utilize large boxes for bulkier items. Store off-season linens and bedding to clear up your space. You probably won’t be needing those beach towels anytime soon.
  • Consider donating items you didn’t wear in the season prior to storing them.
  • Consider continuing to use your lighter summer looks as layers in the colder seasons.
  • Clearly mark the boxes of their contents. Mark contents on the sides, not the top, for future ease.
  • Consider placing other seasonal items in self storage, the basement or hidden away. You’re probably not going to need immediate access to your summer camping gear. Why not get it out of the way for the next few months.
  • Stay organized!
  • Utilize Wardrobe Boxes to keep clothes hanging in the off-season, reducing wrinkles. Off-season shoes can also be stored at the bottom of the wardrobe box. You won’t be needing those strappy wedges once the air is so cold you could get frostbite on your toes.

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