I’m supposed to do what with plastic stretch wrap?

Maybe this is your first move or maybe it’s your first move as a “real adult”. You’re grow-ning up and decide this is the move you’re going to get all of the moving supplies you need so nothing breaks or needs to be replaced once it’s in the new space. Your things are now worth more to you than they were before. Your furniture is no longer being “open-sourced” from the alleyway and you want to protect the things you have worked hard to obtain.

Stretch plastic wrap is useful for more than practical jokes


You already have plans for the bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and multiple sized boxes but now it’s that extra item you added on to your cart that is baffling you. What do you do with this roll of stretch plastic wrap? Don’t worry, I was at a loss too the first time I held a roll of the stuff I use typically to cover a salad bowl before putting it in the fridge. This is in no way a comprehensive list and you’ll figure out uses I’m sure are more clever than I’ll be able to understand but this is a good starting point.

  1. Your desk is a beautiful piece of furniture you invested in and want to protect it from dings and scratches. The most common use for stretch wrap is to secure moving blankets to your furniture since tape will not adhere to the blankets.
  2. Bonus, if you wrap your couch in plastic wrap, you are protecting your furniture from dust and dirt during the move.
  3. You ever go inside a Costco or Sam’s Club and see the pallets of items wrapped in clear plastic wrap? That’s how they keep the smaller items secured on the pallet. Run with this theory. Secure your small things together or keep items/moving boxes from shifting inside the moving truck or moving pod.


  4. If you’re using the plastic wrap on wood furniture without a moving blanket, it is wise to place a layer of packing paper between the wood furniture and the plastic wrap. This will keep any moisture that may build up in humid areas from damaging the wood.
  5. Use to keep drawers closed on your dresser, desk, or filing cabinets.
  6. Get creative. Pile your desk rolling chair high with goodies and secure everything with the plastic wrap.

So congratulations! You’re officially an adult with furniture you are proud to own. And you’re moving! It’s a big change but you’re moving up. Grown-ing up, you guys.


Image source: InfuseWithLiz.com

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