Reusing your moving supplies for shipping reasons

I don’t know when it starts but it is still wedding season. If you’re something like me, your friends have all seemed to find their life partners at the same time. Which means you might be spending more of your vacation time from work attending weddings than going on intentional vacations. It’s wonderful to watch the people we love find love themselves. I’m so happy to support each of the couples as they merge their lives together.

I’m heading out to a wedding in North Carolina soon and I took the opportunity to wrap the wedding gift for safe transport to the happy couple. Since this is a destination wedding, I chose to ship the gift directly to their home in Missouri rather than wrapping it after getting through airport security and trusting they will have the space for it on their trip home.

If you are heading to a wedding this season or next year, it’s a great idea to consider shipping the gift directly to the couple’s home. Some places will offer to do this service for you, ensuring if you’ve chosen to purchase the crystal decanter from their registry that it will arrive in one piece. If you’ve gone off the beaten path and need to ship a unique item, you can use your moving box and moving supplies to make sure it arrives at its’ destination safely. Follow the steps below to safe packing:

  1. Moving and storage boxes have the same industry standard requirements as shipping boxes. You do not have to run out to the store to purchase a new box. Use a leftover moving box from your recent move for your shipment. Make sure it is new or very lightly used as box fibers break down with each use making it weaker on any impact.
  2. Choose the right sized box for the job. This goes for packing and shipping or packing and moving.
  3. Assess your item. Is it fragile? Is it bulky? Will it fit nicely into a box you have on hand?
  4. Fragile items can be secured with packing paper and bubble wrap  in a box. If it’s a hollow item like a pitcher or vase, fill the inside with bubble wrap for additional security. Secure the box and place inside a slightly larger sized box that is lined with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  5. Make sure you’re using sturdy tape that will hold your package together in shipment. Our packing tape is sticky, long lasting and adheres (ha!) to industry standards.
  6. Label the box for correct delivery. It sounds obvious but you’ve spent all this time, make sure you don’t miss a major detail.
  7. Purchase insurance! Cross your fingers! Send the couple text messages hinting at the gift. So, uhh, you guys see any mystical creatures lately? Hey, how’s your local UPS/FedEx delivery man doing these days? OMG just tell me if the porcelain unicorn arrived safely!

Next week I’m going to be sharing some information how to seamlessly merge two people’s lives into one living space. If you have any tips or tricks whether you’ve been together in the same space for just a few weeks or thirty years, we’d love to hear!

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