The three bears of moving supplies – What’s the right fit for you?

This is too funny to me but moving supplies are no joke

In studies where people were given too many choices in a retail setting, statistics show people were likely to spend less money than if the offering had been more carefully selected by the retailer. Having too many pages on the menu or options on the shelf can lead to a lot of What If negative and regretful thinking. Don’t have buyers remorse regarding your moving day supplies.

Luckily your next moving or storage project doesn’t have to be presented with so many challenges. prides itself on having carefully selected items to present to our customers we feel strongly will bring high value at a low cost. We’ve assembled different Moving Kits options that will give you all the basic items you need for your move without having to leave your home. Moving Boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and box markers. It’s best to take stock of your space to decide what will be best for your move. Are you living in a five bedroom home? Check out of five or six or seven room kits. There are some other things to consider for your moving or storage needs.

  • When should I use Kitchen Boxes? Do I have to use Kitchen Boxes? Our standard moving boxes come to you that meet professional moving grade quality. They meet the 200# test minimum. Our Kitchen Boxes meet the 350# test minimum. In other words, you shouldn’t load a standard moving box beyond 65 lb capacity. Kitchen boxes can hold up to 120 lb capacity. The stronger box will protect your valuable dishes and kitchen items. Since a Kitchen Box is double-walled, the extra cardboard around your china will absorb more impact when the box is set down throughout the move. This is not a necessity but certainly can be a lifesaver.
  • Should I buy a Flat Screen TV Box?  Old TVs used to have very delicate things holding them together. There was a real glass screen and a mysterious tube somewhere in the back of the box. Now, televisions are built from different delicate materials. You know when you touch your computer monitor and it changes colors? If you bump a flat screen or plasma TV too hard, you will damage the material and you may be stuck with a permanent discoloration or blank spot there. Flat Screen TV Boxes are recommended for both moving and storage because what happens when a belt buckle rubs against the screen? Or a box corner bumps into it? Give your tv the protection it needs to be fully functioning next time you use it.
  • Why use a Wardrobe Box?  Wardrobe boxes are really nice for transporting those clothing items to their next destination without needed to iron, steam or dry clean them after. Hanging your items will keep them safe from wrinkles and dust during your move. Plus they’re a great investment since they have reuse value as a seasonal clothing storage space or rocket ship for your kids.

  • Moving Blankets. What is the big deal about moving blankets? Well, in short, they’re really great at protecting your furniture. Your furniture was an investment and you’ll want to keep it looking nice. Wrap blankets around corners to keep from dinging and nicks. Blankets are great for multiple moves so you can store them for your future moves. I’ve used a moving blanket stashed in my trunk to assist me in changing a flat tire. I also heavily used moving blankets when I was moving artwork to a gallery installation.
  • Stretch Plastic Wrap. This is cling wrap for your whole house. Use it to secure the moving blankets to the furniture, protect your sofa from dust during the move. Wrap drawers to keep from moving during the move. This is a great investment for your furniture even if you’re not using a moving blanket. It goes a long way in helping to protect against minor scratches, dings and dirt.
  • Mattress Bags & Covers. Have you been inside a self-storage unit lately? What about the back of your friend’s truck that is going to relocate your mattress for you. Your bed is precious and you should protect it from the dust, pollution and bugs you may encounter in moving or storage. A really great reuse of this item is to use the plastic as a drop cloth when painting. I would say because of this items low cost, it’s a must as an add-on item for your move.

So this obviously isn’t everything you could buy when preparing for a move or store. But these are items we’ve carefully selected for you. They’re tried and tested and we’ve made sure the right size for everyone is available. If you go to or click the “Home” button on the upper left corner of our blog, you’ll be able to explore your options and decide is this porridge too hot, or is this one too cold and finally land on one that is just right.

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