7 helpers you wish you had on moving day

  1. Asian Weaver Ants. Ants are amazing. Seriously amazing. They’re tiny armies that are at war with your ankles. But these weaver ants are something special even in the ant world. They are the world heavyweight champions with the ability to carry up to 100x their weight. You guys, that’s a lot! I struggle just with a 50 lb box of books. Plus, these dudes are organized beyond belief. And they communicate! A mover’s dream.
  2. Honeybees. So honeybees rival ants in terms of organization, structure and communication. But these are not the droids you’re looking for. Honeybee ‘drones’ are the largest males in the group whose sole purpose is to fertilize the Queen. Bees are also known to sacrifice themselves for the good of the group. Talk about helping out.
  3. Beavers. If they’re good at making dams out of organized sticks in flowing water (think about how hard that has to be!) then they’re probably pretty great at helping you move your Ikea furniture. Nature 1.1
  4. Sea otters. I don’t think these are particularly good at anything but goodness they are the cutest, most playful things. Spirits, we’ll say they’re needed on moving day to keep your spirits high.
  5. Crows. Crows carry the superstition of being an ominous sign but crows are considered to be among the most intelligent animals. Which is probably why they wouldn’t help you move cause they’re too smart for that. If you were able to get a crow to help you move, they’re exceptional with tool use and tool construction. Can you say that about your significant other that still calls the screwdrivers the flat one and the star one? (I do that. I do that thing where I don’t know the name of tools.) Nature 1.2
  6. Mary Poppins. Okay, she was made with magic and Hollywood but can you imagine unpacking your moving boxes with the help of Mary Poppins?
  7. Inspector Gadget.  Because who wouldn’t want Go Go Gadget Arms helping you take down high-up décor? You’ll probably want to package those delicate items in bubble wrap yourself since he’s a clumsy character.Nature 2
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