Essential October Activities

October is one of my favorite months. The weather has finally shifted and we’re about to make headway on the busy holiday season. While you may see signs of the upcoming holidays all around you, October should be about remembering to take the time to enjoy life before it’s too busy. The stores may be pushing Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise at you all at the same time but take it one day at a time. Here’s a list of items I like to review each October to make the upcoming holiday season less stressful.

  • Box of Holiday decorationsTake stock of your holiday supplies. Did you properly label your storage boxes prior to storing them? If you did, this should be a synch. Checking your inventory lets you mentally prepare for the items you may need in the next few months. Did you toss out the old pumpkin carving kit last year? Is that turkey wall décor starting to decay? Is the wreath ready for a makeover?
  • Sometime between October and Thanksgiving I decide to complete my Christmas/Holiday/New Year cards. Does this mean getting the kids together for a photo or writing down the family letter?
  • Enjoy the bounty of apples! Seriously, this is an activity. Do you know how delicious apples are? Have you eaten a Honeycrisp yet?
  • You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start a fitness or healthy eating regimen. While tomatoes and corn are on their way out, winter squash is in along with steaming bowls of soup. The weather is lovely for brisk strolls. Take charge!Pumpkin coffee
  • Pumpkin everything is back. Lattes and muffins and breads and cream cheese. Oh, pumpkin how I’ve missed you.
  • Start thinking of useful ways to the community you can donate this giving season. Is it your time by working in a food shelter or donating food items to a food donation? Keep a small box in your pantry or by the front door for those food items you intend to donate to keep it organized and a visual reminder.
  • Book your holiday travels now before prices go up or the travel accommodations you need are no longer available.
  • Assess your garden and outdoors plants specific to your region’s climate. Bring in houseplants if they are likely to freeze. Mow lawns and compost leaves and dying vegetable garden remnants. If you’re in a moderate climate like we are, time to start thinking about your winter lawn. Repot any plants now while you have a chance with the weather lovely.
  • Take a moment to be grateful. You are alive! Make this day great.

Girls with Apples Harris and Ewing 1927

Girls with apples image source: Library of Congress, circa 1927!

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