Halloween Decorations and Moving Supplies

Decorations in progressThere are a million and one tutorials out there on how to turn your spare moving boxes into Halloween costumes. I’m all for being green and the creativity that comes with DIYing your Halloween costume and I was going to write about the different ideas for your DIY costume but as soon as I started researching, it felt stale to continue to write about it. If you’re looking for that kind of inspiration, I’m happy to direct you to a few of my favorite lists since its been covered so well by others already. Another honest fact: I couldn’t think of a single unique box costume idea that didn’t already exist and was thoroughly documented. So why do something that has already been done?

Since there’s only so many events in your life you need a bulky cardboard costume that you can’t figure out how to go pee in, I’m leaning towards the less committed approach to Halloween: Decorations!

Yay! I leaned towards making pennant banners though these could easily been made into wreaths or independent additions to mix into your wall decorations for an understated look. Oversize any shape and make them a front door hanging to welcome your spooky guests for the rest of the month.

I went with making sugar skulls, candy corn, pumpkins and bats. The great things about this is a.) none of it has to be perfect b.) you can make it as cutesy or sophisticated as you like, c.) it’s completely easy and cheap to make. These Halloween decorations were so easy and cheap to make that I worked with things I already had in my home with the exception of a .79c roll of ribbon. Moving Boxes Pumpkins and Sugar Skulls. And Lola

Also on my list of potential shapes: headstones (think of the funny RIPs! RIP Ugg Lee. RIP she didn’t forward the chain letter!), arching cats, witches hats, ghosts, spiders/webs, owls, monster mash faces… the list can go on and on.

BatsI started off with some plain paper I snagged from the printer and sketched out of a few shapes I was interested in. Cutting out a template will make your process faster and I highly advise this over free handing every cutout. Next I traced my chosen shapes on an empty used moving box; this would be a great step for kids to get involved in before the painting begins. I cut my shapes out with an Exacto knife which isn’t safe for the kiddos so handle that yourself. You’ll want to consider choosing basic shapes as they will be easier and faster to cutout. I also chose to utilize a paper grocery bag from Trader Joe’s which was obviously easier to cut out with scissors but did not handle the paint very well. You can see some of the pumpkins are still distorted in shape. If you didn’t want to paint, you could also use your packing paper here too.

Next steps are to paint. The sugar skulls were fun. I used both black paint and a black permanent marker to design my faces. All of the paint I already had lying around the house from previous projects. I worked with acrylic paint and it dried super fast, completely tack free in less than an hour. Next step was to flip them over and I used packing tape to adhere my ribbon to the back to turn them into banners.

Candy CornI have to say, for spending .79c on this entire project I am really pleased. I brought my decorations outside to capture them in the natural-ish light and one of my cats was more than happy to assist.

I hope this post is reaching you in time to put a few decorations together for this year. Please share your decorations with us! And Happy Halloween!

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