Just Say No to Free Moving Boxes

I get it. Maybe I’m in the wrong industry but when I think about moving or I have to move, I start groaning in contempt for some ridiculous long length of time like 17 years. My last move was just a few months ago and my next one is coming up again shortly. For somebody who dislikes moving so much, I’m not exactly sure why I do it so often.

Reasons I don’t like moving:

  1. As much as I think it’s only going to take a few hours, it will take all day(s).Donkey in Peru
  2. I value my time away from work. I love my work but I also love traveling and will use every day off possible for fulfilling my wanderlust. I do not want to take a day off of work to move when I could be using that day to ride donkeys in Peru.
  3. So that leaves me with a weekend. Saturdays are for riding my bike and going to the farmer’s market, getting coffee and general fulfilling activities. Sundays are for sleeping in and some cleaning and laying on the couch to read. You understand why I’m groaning for 17 years now.
  4. I don’t want to spend any money at all on it. But I don’t own a truck so that leaves in a tight spot. Do I rent a moving truck or am I indebted to the wonderful people around me for their services?
  5. Moving supplies are the things you purchase and are thinking about the Kate Spade bag instead.

So, there’s that. People are great in offering their advice and not so quick with their labor for your move. “Go dumpster diving for free boxes,” they say. “Go to a liquor store for free boxes,” they say. And my response is, “Gross. And no.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr UniverseFreecycling is cool, it’s earth-friendly. But are you really considering all of the costs involved in those free moving boxes? Sure, you can source your boxes from the grocery store, from the dumpster, from the liquor store. My problem is my things are going in those boxes. How do I know what was in the box before? Do you know what lives in alleyways and dumpsters? Roaches. And bedbugs. And all other kinds of gross things I don’t want to think about. I’m not putting my beautiful organic sheets inside a box that potentially delivered some rotten fruit to the store. And liquor store boxes are generally pretty great and they’re generally strong since they’re meant to cart glass bottles full of liquid from one place to the next. But to make those glass bottles full of liquid easy enough to move without being Arnold Schwarzenegger Strong Man Mr. Universe they have to be relatively small. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to move 100 boxes on moving day when I could have moved 35 more appropriately sized boxes.

So my last move I did the grown-up thing to do. I did my research, I thought about what I had, I made a schedule and I purchased a low cost, all inclusive moving box kit.  Which worked out perfectly for me because although I generally consider myself independent, the things I don’t have are, a) patience and b) general moving supplies at my finger tips. I couldn’t produce a single permanent marker for marking a box for you amongst all of my things. Sure, there’s an art box full of charcoal pencils but those aren’t conducive for a great moving day.

BugsI know you don’t want to spend money on moving but spending at least a little will honestly make your moving day so much easier. You’ll end up with the scenario I listed above where you will only move 35 appropriately sized boxes instead of 100 ridiculously small, potentially gross boxes. You’ll be comfortable knowing your items are securely packed. You will not have wasted all the time and energy and gas driving around town trying to find free boxes. Think about how valuable your time is. Put that value into dollars and consider the expense of putting so much effort into something you are thinking is free. Those free boxes are not free. And purchasing a kit online means every box and moving supply you receive is brand new! No bugs, no worries about holes or tears. No worries about placing your clothes inside the box if you will have to wash them once at the destination.

And think back to your high school economics class. Did your teacher teach you on the first day like mine did, There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch? There certainly is not.

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  1. me says:

    Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in IE.

    • P. White says:

      Hmmm, can you let me know what version of IE you’re using? I’ll look into if we have a formatting issue but this is the first I’ve heard of this. Thanks so much!

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