Reduce, Reuse, Recycle moving supplies

So it’s been beaten into our heads to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And you’re doing your part with this move. You order a moving room kit that will help pack your things into appropriate sized storage boxes, reducing the wasteful empty space and half empty boxes. Plus, you already went through and purged the things you didn’t need any longer, so there’s even less to move. Kudos, you! Now that you’ve done the dirty work of relocating all of your things, the next steps involve unpacking and finding everything a home in the new space. We have some tips how to recycle moving supplies and moving boxes as they become empty.

  • Use storage box for holiday packageReuse: Your moving and storage boxes can be reused as necessary. Be warned with each use, a box does become weaker. Make sure if you are reusing your moving boxes for shipping reasons the box is strong, stable and free from rips or tears. If you are packing those boxes for storage, they will be good there for ten years.
  • Reuse: If you are unpacking in the new space, you could set aside a few boxes and reuse the boxes for reasons we discussed in the post we discussed about decluttering your home.
  • Reuse: Halloween costumes are a great reuse of your moving boxes and supplies. Robots? Check. Franzia WineBox costume? Check. Turning your kid into a human sized lego? Awesome.
  • Reuse: Shipping and Moving/Storage boxes are all the same industry standards. You can reuse your gently used or new moving boxes to ship holiday gifts.
  • Soundproofing with moving blanketsReuse: Decided to paint after moving in? Use the mattress covers as paint sheets to protect furniture and floors. Economical drop cloths? Yes, please!
  • Reuse: Furniture pads / moving blankets can be reused as picnic blankets, protectors for moving artwork, and soundproofing for your band space.


  • Recycle: Break the boxes down so they lay flat. Moving Boxes can be placed in the recycle bin. Packing Paper is also recyclable.
  • Recycle: Consider dropping your clean, undamaged boxes off at a box reuse facility. UHaul locations often have a space for people to come grab free used boxes.
  • Recycle: Did you know that moving boxes are one of the most recycled materials on earth? All our boxes are made from 30% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Recycle: Check your local recycling codes. Bubble wrap cushioning, stretch plastic wrap and other materials may not be eligible for recycling.

Obviously, do not forget about UPCYCLING your moving boxes into play forts! Think of the castle you can make from your wardrobe box.

Recycle moving supplies - Box forts!

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