Stress free guide to choosing Bubble Wrap

So you’re gathering your moving supplies and thinking, I’ve never thought about Bubble Wrap before. I mean, it’s not an idea you sat around and dedicated any amount of time to. And then you went to the BoxesAZ website and saw you had three different sizes of bubbles, each size coming in two different widths. So now you’re thinking about Bubble Wrap and how you’ve never thought of it before and wondering which one you should pick.

First things first, there are three sizes of Bubble Wrap bubbles. Small, Medium, and Large. This is how I will refer to them in this post and this is how they are commonly listed, not just on our store but broadly. Bubble wrap

Second, each size bubble comes in two widths, 12” and 24”.

Third, all rolls of Bubble Wrap come perforated every 12”. No need for Inspector Gadget arms when your hands are already full.

All of our moving kits that come with bubble cushioning comes the designated amount of small sized Bubble Wrap. This means the small sized bubbles.

Back to the question of, Why would you need different sizes of Bubble Wrap? Don’t they all do the same thing? The answer to the second question is, Essentially yes but no; they do serve different purposes.

The Bubble Wrap we sell is Sealed Air brand, the industry leader and the company that owns the copyright to the term Bubble Wrap. The generic term for Bubble Wrap is bubble cushion. This is like the difference between Kleenex and tissue. Except getting the brand name in this instance is really going to pay off for you. Bubble Wrap bubbles hold more air per pocket and retain that air far better than any competitor. Bubble wrap superior air retentionI’d give you some statistics but they’re pretty boring. Okay, maybe one statistic. Sealed Air Bubble Wrap loses only 12% thickness over 15 days vs. the competitors 49% thickness loss in 15 days. Wowzer! As the Sealed Air website goes on to say, “Simply stated, in order to protect your products from the hazards of the shipping environment the air has to be there and stay there.”

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What are each of the sizes useful for?

The heavier the item, the bigger the bubble of air you are going to want. Think about the shock and vibration impact an item absorbs every time you set it down. Now think about how many times you pick up and set an item down during moving. A quick run-through in my head suggests a minimum four times that item is touched in one move. Make sure that fourth, fifth or sixth time you set the item down isn’t the time it breaks.

  • Small – Small bubbles are best used for surface protection and light cushioning. Think about using the small bubbles for wrapping your trinkets, placing a layer between dishes as a cushion barrier, and as an effective form of stress therapy through popping the bubbles. Small bubbles are 3/16” and the most common size of Bubble Wrap when people refer to the product.
  • Medium – Medium bubbles are 5/16” and a great all-purpose size for your moving, storage and shipping needs. Great for covering those delicate trinkets but can also protect that heavy snow globe. Think this size isn’t multipurpose enough? Since the bubbles are larger in size, it’s a great void filler for empty space in boxes. Empty space in moving boxes is the enemy since room means things can shift and shifting means potential breakage of your items. If you are not putting your frames in picture boxes you’ll want to make sure the edges and corners of your frames are adequately protected with the medium sized bubble wrap.
  • Large – Large size bubbles are easily the most niche product of the bunch, being 1/2” in size. Large bubbles are great for using on your TV, your framed artwork and void filling large empty spaces in your moving boxes. Since these bubbles are the largest and bulkiest to work with, you’ll find they’re more about cushioning heavy items and will absorb the most amount of vibration and shock impact.

Now, real quick, should you choose the 12” or 24” width? Well that’s really up to you and the items you’ll be wrapping. If you’re not sure, the 12” width is a more universal size for your trinkets and for lining moving boxes. 24” would be great for wrapping large frames and securing other larger items with cushioning.Bubble Wrap bike stress relief

On top of all of this, Bubble Wrap is reusable! How great is that?

If you’re still stuck, you can reach out to us in a myriad of ways. Send us a tweet @BoxesAZ, drop us a note on Facebook or reach out to us via phone at 855-588-6405.

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