Won’t you be my neighbor? Housewarming gifts 101

Welcome Home Housewarming giftsWhether you just got a new neighbor or your best friend scored a new place in town, housewarming gifts seem to be a nicety of the past. Let’s remember our Emily Post manners and help celebrate this stressful change in their lives by reaching out and saying, “Hey, better you than me! Have a cookie for a reward.” There is no need to spend a lot of money or time on these housewarming gifts, the recipient will just be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Don’t over think this, and remember to KISS.

Duct tape Housewarming giftDuct Tape. This sounds weird, I know. But do you know how useful a roll of duct tape in your life is? Even better, get them some goofy Hello Kitty duct tape. Something is going to need fixing after a move. They’re likely to never forget where it came from when they’re fixing the washer hose from leaking all over the house at 10pm.

Booze. Quality wine comes in every price point. Which means you do not have to spend a lot of money on this! They’ll love you for your thoughtfulness, especially when they’ve spent the third day unpacking the storage boxes and need to relax a bit.

Bathbombs. You guys know what is amazing? Baths. Seriously. Have you taken an actual soaking bath lately? There are companies out there who will sell you bath bombs made from all natural ingredients, safe and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. Like buying boxes for moving online, there are some really lovely companies who will ship directly to you or your recipient. Cough Lush cough.

Warm and welcoming housewarming giftsPlants. It’s a lovely way to brighten a home, cheer up a front porch and even helps clean the air. Maybe steer away from a sensitive needs plant (is that orchid really the gift you think they need in their life right now?) and go with something easy and hearty. Maybe a cactus isn’t the warmest welcome so pick something a little softer to match your intentions.

Herbed Sea Salt. Nice Olive Oil. These things are not expensive but come across as thoughtful. Bonus if it’s a product you genuinely love yourself. Double bonus if you are the coolest and most favorite new neighbor.

So get shopping. Welcoming a new neighbor to the ‘hood can be easy and fun. Give from the heart but don’t stress over it. And if you do start stressing, remember Fred Rogers said, “The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.” Mr Rogers Won't You Be My Neighbor?

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