Moving Blankets Introduction

Choosing the best moving blankets for your move

You’re looking at the selection of moving blankets and wondering what you need for your move and what is overkill. Let’s review the moving blanket options so you can choose the best one for you. We’re going to go from lightest to heaviest (both in weight and in terms of use) on our list.

Moving blankets, moving pads and textile skins

General Notes about moving blankets:

All of moving blankets and pads are made with virgin and pre-consumer recycled materials. Why pre-consumer recycled materials?

  • When post-consumer recycled materials are used, a chemical process is used on the fibers. The chemicals are often noted by consumers as having a smell. While the chemical process is deemed safe, there is always a potential for damage to your furniture if you are leaving the pad in contact for long periods of time.
  • Pre-consumer recycled materials are chemical free, making it safe for your animals to lay on and/or chew up.
  • Post-consumer recycled materials have shorter fibers as they have been broken down in the chemical process. Longer, natural fibers means a stronger, more cushioned moving blanket.
  • Other names for moving blankets: Textile Skins, Moving Pads, Furniture Blankets, Furniture Pads, Sound Blankets

Additional general notes about moving blankets:

  • The weight of a blanket is defined by how much a dozen blankets weighs. One dozen (12) 45 lb blankets weighs… you guessed it, 45 pounds.
  • Zigzag stitching on the blankets results in a higher thread count of the blanket and a more cushioned pad. Our zigzags are ¾” apart where most industry blankets are 1” meaning ours are stronger and last longer.
  • All of our zigzag stitching is completed with cotton thread, not synthetic. So in case Fido decides to chew up that moving blanket from the stress, wouldn’t you rather he had a cotton thread passing through him rather than a fishing line type of thread?


Textile skins moving blanketTextile Blankets

Textile blankets are also known as Skins in the biz. These are the most economical in price and quality. They are designed for one time use as the blankets since the blankets can be most easily punctured. These are made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials. BoxesAZ textile blanket advantage is they have a stitched, finished edge, decreasing the potential for tears. You will want these blankets if you’re looking to save money. Good for single-use moves. Once this blanket has been stretched into a shape, say around a desk corner, it does not bounce back.

Economy Blankets

35 lb blankets are good for more than one use / one move but are not overkill for the general family with the white picket fence and 2.5 children. They’re a good option for those looking to protect their couch and dining room table. These are acceptable furniture pads for storage – make sure to use a corrugated board along with a moving blanket if stacking anything on wood to prevent the wood from getting divots from the weight being placed on it.

Performance Blankets

45 lb blankets are our best selling option. These provide more protection than our Economy Blankets and comparable to any moving blanket you’ll find in your standard big box store. The microfiber side has tighter woven fabric which makes it more puncture-resistant. Think about those corners of your desk or that antique coffee table. These are professional movers industry-standard for storage options.

Moving blanketDeluxe Blankets

65 lb moving blankets are durable enough for professional movers. This blanket is considered to be the high end of the consumer blanket and mid-range for professional movers. These blankets are considered valuable because they hold up to many moves.

Supreme Blankets   

80 lb moving blankets are the choice of professional movers. They last through many jobs and typically we see them last about a season or two, depending on the specific use. This is not generally advised for individual movers because of cost unless you have a reuse purpose for them. These are also great at soundproofing a space, perfect for that band practice space.



Additional tips:

  • You want your moving blankets to have two tones, one for each side. Think about sliding that bedframe on a plywood trailer and then think about how you don’t want those wood slivers touching your furniture in a reuse situation.
  • General rule of thumb: 2 moving blankets per couch + plenty of stretch plastic wrap to protect and hold blanket to furniture.
  • If stacking any item in storage, it is best to use corrugated board plus a moving blanket to protect wood from taking dents from what is stacked on top of it.
  • We’ve received feedback of a good Samaritan purchasing our moving blankets and handing them out to the homeless.

Reuse / Recycle tips:

  • Craigslist is a great way to make a little money back on your lightly used moving blankets.
  • Check out a local art school or art student around you. Art students are often transporting their own framed artwork to exhibitions and moving blankets are a great way to protect frames from scratching or breaking in their trunk. Consider it a donation or sell for cheap! I personally have a small stack of the Performance 45 lb blankets for this exact reason.
  • Do you help friends move a lot? Ask them for a few dollars to help recoup your costs and offer up the materials for the day of the move.
  • Check out local moving recycling places.

Moving blanket reuse bagTextile skin moving blanket reuse ideaMore questions? Please call us M-F 7:30a – 5:30p MST to discuss your specific needs. Shoot us a note via Twitter @BoxesAZ or Facebook. Need 10 dozen or more moving blankets? Give us a call for a quote.


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