How to: Save money on your move

Reduce Your Moving Expenses

How to save money when movingI understand whether you are organizing a DIY move or hiring movers to come in and do it for you, it’s expensive and there are other ways you’d rather spend your money. Every time I move, I have made the statement to my loved ones, “I feel like I am single-handedly jump-starting the economy!” The expenses of moving add up quickly so let’s talk about a few ways you can help reduce the cost of moving.

  1. Purge the things you don’t want or need any longer. By removing your unwanted items, it means less items to pack which means less moving boxes will be needed. If you are paying professional movers, they can charge by box count or by total weight of your items. Reduce that number! Bonus: If you call your local charity to come pick up your gently used items for donation, you’ll save gas money and time driving them to the donation drop-off yourself.
  2. Selling your things so you don't have to move them saves you moneyConsider having a garage sale for your purged items. But weigh the cost of the time and effort of the garage sale compared to donating your items to charity or selling them on Craigslist or Ebay. Bonus: Yay, a little bit of wiggle room money!
  3. It will be tempting but don’t use free boxes from the grocery or liquor store. Remember there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Think about those free boxes and the cost of infesting your items with bugs, germs or other residue that could be left in those free boxes. Not to mention the cost of driving around town looking for enough free boxes. We’ve discussed before in depth why you shouldn’t do this. Bonus: If you order your moving boxes and moving supplies from BoxesAZ, they come straight to your front door with free shipping within one to two business days.
  4. Spend a few dollars now to save a lot laterMake sure you’re purchasing a specialty moving box for your valuable items like your flat-screen TV. There is nothing worse than having to replace valuable items because they were damaged or broken in the move. Would you rather spend a few dollars now or a thousand dollars in a week? Bonus: Unless it’s the holiday season or you have a Costco membership, it’s not likely you’re going to get a screaming deal on a new television in a moment’s notice. You’ll also need to consider the cost of disposing the old, damaged television.
  5. For lighter carpets, especially in inclement weather, you’ll want to place a rug, piece of carpet or tape a flattened moving box down to protect your floors on moving day. Don't spend more money than necessary on moving dayThere might be no expense you’d like less than if movers with muddy shoes tracked through rain or snow into your new white carpets. I would place an industrial mat (or any other option) outside the door and another one inside so shoes have a chance to get as clean as possible while moving your heavy items inside. Don’t lose your cleaning deposit or have to call the carpet cleaners when you haven’t even set-up your new home. Bonus grammar tip:  Did you know “inclimate” isn’t even a logical word since climate is not an adjective? The word we’ve all been meaning to use is inclement, meaning not mild or not gentle.
  6. Unpacking your kitchen and making a market run should be a priority. Take-out food can add up quickly and should be factored into your moving budget. Ordering a pizza on night one seems acceptable but you shouldn’t be eating out every night for a week or more. Bonus: By cooking your meals in your new home, you’ll have a better chance of eating healthier and feeling more at home more quickly.
  7. Things like blankets and towels can be used as filler items for moving boxes. While we recommend utilizing moving blankets specifically for your furniture, there are ways you can use your current household items to save you money. Consider lining the perimeter of your dish box with bath towels for a snug and secure moving box. You’ll get to protect delicate items and reduce the number of moving boxes in the process. Protip: Never try to save on packing paper by using newspaper. Save moving receipts to deduct on taxes - saving money on your moveNewspaper ink easily transfers onto your dishes meaning you’ll have to wash them again after you unpack. The ink is also very likely to stain your porcelain or china.
  8. Some moving costs can be deducted on your taxes. Keep your receipts and check with your accountant before filing.

Those are just a few ways you can save money on moving. Bonus: Now you know more and knowing is half the battle.

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