Self-storage no nos

Storage units are great for freeing up space or holding items in a transitional time. There are items you should not place in a self-storage unit – some for safety of others, others for the safety of the object.

Items to never be placed in storage:Don't place anything alive in your self-storage unit

  1. Plants – just think about it, okay?
  2. Animals – okay, wiseguy.
  3. Important documents – What if there’s a break-in? Or a flood? Or you default on your payments? Don’t risk it.
  4. Hazardous materials – so this is an obvious. Please don’t burn down the whole unit because your cans of spray paint exploded and caught on fire and now the entire complex is destroyed.
  5. Food – those canned goods are up to your personal discretion but don’t attract mice and rodents to your facility by laying down a Hansel and Gretel trail of breadcrumbs.

Since your drive-up storage up is basically a secured metal and concrete box sitting under the sun, you shouldn’t be surprised your unit may reach soaring temperatures in the summer and below freezing in the winter. Personally I would only place items in my storage unit I felt I could replace if necessary. Because plastics dry out and crack under lots of dry heat you might want to consider getting a climate controlled storage unit. These units are controlled by the facility and are deemed safe for temperature-sensitive items.

Items you can place in climate controlled storage:Store furs only in climate controlled self-storage

  1. Electronics – your computer is safe in this environment. Especially since the climate controlled limits mold and bug infestations.
  2. Photographs / film – Please don’t ever place these in your outdoor storage facility. They will melt together and warp and not be usable for the future.
  3. Antique and Heirloom furniture – Keep great grandma’s side table safe from warping in extreme temperatures.
  4. Furs – make sure these are packed in breathable fabric covers and kept away from light and oils.
  5. Wine – there are wine storage facilities specific to keeping wine from spoiling  so I would advise researching for one in your area.

For the things you are placing in storage, keep the self-storage unit organized with storage boxes which can be placed in storage for 10 years. Ten years! Now marvel at all the free space you have around after placing those items in storage.

Look at all the space I have to give after self-storage

Look at all the space I have to give

Fun fact: Did you know when you’ve said a word so much it sounds wrong or has lost its meaning, that is called semantic satiation. Storage storage storage. Nope, haven’t worn that word out yet.


Ladies in fur photo via Library of Congress

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