Essential tools for Moving Day

Items you should have on hand for success

So you’re working on packing up your home and are considering what you should leave out or around for the most efficient and successful moving day. While these are suggestions, these basics are so basic that they’re easy to have on hand and making moving day a success. You have enough on your mind, let us help you think of these little things that will ensure your tools for moving day are not forgotten about until they’re packed deep in a moving truck.

  1. Tools to have on hand on moving daySmall Tool bag – There’s always going to be something you will need to disassemble or nails you’ll need to remove from walls that once held framed artwork. Keep a small toolkit on hand for any last minute alterations of your home. Hammer for removing nails, a variety of screwdrivers, measuring tape for figuring out if that couch will fit on the moving truck before attempting to load it.
  2. Overnight survival suitcase – This should include your prescriptions you will need, a change of clothes and clean socks. You should consider if you’re moving across country all the essentials you’ll need to survive until your boxes are delivered. Or if you’re moving across town, that you have everything you need to rest easy night one and not have unpack all the boxes to find a clean pair of underwear the next day.
  3. Devin Munro photography

    Helping Hands – Maybe you’re lucky enough to have professional movers, they’ll schedule enough helpful hands according to the size of your space. If you’re DIY moving, ask people to show up at a reasonable time, and remember to be clear with your intentions. I helped a friend move recently and one of his free helpers did nothing more than organize his moving container for maximum space efficiency. You could say he was grateful for this very specific help.

  4. Bottled water. I can’t emphasis enough how grateful your helpful movers will be to have access to a clean, cold drink without getting anything additional dirty in the process.
  5. Soap – Moving is a dirty business. Cardboard boxes dry hands out and don’t help the process. Keep soap on hand and a roll of paper towels in the bathroom for everybody to use as needed.
  6. Toilet paper – Please don’t pack all of your toilet paper and leave your helpful movers stranded when they need to go tinkle.
  7. Tools for moving day success

    Even Beyonce takes selfies

    Camera – So there’s no need to indulge in some selfies on moving day, though we’re not judging if you do. But you’ll want to take a picture of your old space after everything is emptied out to record any damage you’ll have to address later. You’ll also want to photograph your new space before the boxes and furniture starts getting loaded if you haven’t done this already. The camera on your smartphone is now likely to be as high quality as you need. Make sure to file the digital photos for easy access in the future.

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