Holiday boxes reinvented

Reusing boxes for forts

I am not a parent so maybe I shouldn’t even contemplate this but what happens when you’ve gotten your children the perfect Hanukkah or Christmas gift and the day comes around for them to unwrap and instead of loving the toy, they’re stoked about the box it came in. Is that a feeling of disappointment you parents get? Or are you excited to see your kid’s imaginations run wild?

A few months ago I helped a friend move apartments in San Diego. The first night I stayed on an air mattress in his empty apartment, void of anything except me, some blankets and a few chairs. When he showed up the next morning, he found me curled under a fort I had made from the chairs and blankets reading a book in the sunshine that was streaming through the window into my fort. He laughed but the fort stayed for another day, people taking turns to sit inside and spark their own creativity. Sadly it was in the way of the couch so it had to be disassembled.

The best part about forts of any kind is that they instantly transport you. You watch your kids and they’re suddenly an astronaut or a train conductor. And even when you’re standing on the outside, you are instantly transported to being a kid and letting your imagination run wild. I mean, I’m romanticizing forts but wouldn’t you if you sat down to write about them?

Items you’ll need:

  • Boxes. Wardrobe boxes and large & extra large box sizes are ideal.
  • Box-cutter or exacto knife. Not safe for kids!
  • Tape. Duct tape. Packing tape. Whatever you’ve got on hand.
  • Markers. For decorating. Obviously.

A) This was an item for sale on and is no longer there. Looks like Mom or Dad is an architect. Hard to compete with and actually really attractive but it’s up to you if you want to recycle your box materials or pay somebody else to do something for your kids they’ll be excited to do for themselves. Or yourself. By letting kids make their own really lets them take ownership.

B) Just because it might be an eyesore in your living room doesn’t mean it’s not the greatest thing to the kids.

C) Don’t pretend you didn’t do this in college. Or at least want to. That might have just been yesterday or a few years ago. A box maze sounds like a-maze-ing fun

D) Cats! Because, cats!

Holiday boxes revival fort

Fort E –

E) This looks like a façade castle version of the old western false front. Did you know there was a reason for those false fronts? It’s cause store owners didn’t want to invest in their building until they knew their new western town was sticking around for awhile. Now you know!

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