Moving Playlist

Moving Day Soundtrack

Maybe you’ve seen a few moving playlists out there and they all included the same songs. You might be tired of the same Willie Nelson On the Road Again or Edward Sharpe’s Home. Here are some deeper cuts to keep you interested and motivated. Our songs aren’t just about home but moving, moving on and moving up. Come dance it out with me. Or at least sing along in the moving truck or from sitting on the floor packing those boxes. Its cathartic, I promise.

Quick question: Which is worse? Packing to move or unpacking after getting home from a vacation? At least with packing you’ve got this moving playlist.

Here are our suggestions for your Moving Playlist. Pick up those packed boxes and your feet. Stress, managed. Motivation, high. You’re ready! Add your own motivators in the comments.

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2 Responses to Moving Playlist

  1. Joana says:

    Excellent selection. The music would make you relax and forget about the stress that moving usually brings.

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