3 easier ways to move

Since moving sucks, how do you make it suck less?

Easier ways to move!There’s no sugarcoating it. Moving sucks. It sucks your time and money and energy. And that’s just the packing. The actual moving and subsequent unpacking are different deeper layers of hell we won’t get into right here. While it might be fun to move into a new space and getting the option to paint your walls and decorating is always a little fun part. Even if you are looking forward to this move, here are three simple tips to help you deal with your upcoming move.Easier way to move is don't move

  1. Don’t move. Extend your lease. Never leave mom’s basement. Decide that no matter how many kids you have, they can all share a room. So I know this isn’t really a tip but it is the most effective way to save that stress and time.
  2. Hire a full-service moving company. This means they will come in and pack your boxes for you. Its mega expensive compared to the DIY option and it means strangers will be touching your things. But hey, happiness comes at a cost.
  3. So options 1 & 2 aren’t an option to you? They aren’t for me either. Sorry, buddy. The only other thing is to actually do the thing. Don’t procrastinate. Stay organized. Don’t rush. Use a moving checklist and actually do the things. Buy a moving kit online. Get your packing supplies and do all of the things.

Do all of the things~I know it’s painful but as the old saying goes, This too shall pass. Go get it, my movers and shakers.

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