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Multipurpose in-home storage options

Chaos and order - Home organization and storage optionsRaise your hand if you closed out the recent holiday season by taking stock of all the new things and following it up with a sigh because you are lacking storage. I’m raising my hand and looking around my space wondering what to do about all of it. While Getting Organized wasn’t one of my New Year’s Resolutions, it is one of my life goals to stay on top of the clutter before it becomes chaos. This is hitting especially close to home this morning since I spent the last five days sick, mostly spent in bed, except for the clear trail of dirty clothes from the closet to the bathroom and the trail of blankets I left draped over chairs while I heated up more soup. My little space looks like a warzone after only a few days of neglect. I’ve got to tackle this before it gets worse.

The situation presents several opportunities or options. Option 1. Have less stuff. Purge, donate, toss, sell. Option 2. Get a self-storage unit. Pay a monthly fee to hold onto the things you have but don’t need immediate access to whenever you need it. Great for seasonal items. You probably don’t use that kayak year-round. Option 3. Craft up some in-home storage to organize your home and beautify it in the process.

Sure, you can purge and toss but that doesn’t necessarily mean after, you’ll have enough space to store your items efficiently. There are lots of reasons to not get a storage unit including accessibility and cost. Maybe you’ve already gone through and packed all the seasonal items into storage boxes and there are still items in your home that don’t have a home. We get you. It’s cool. Maybe your house is a dream come true with built-in bookcases, shelving and cabinets. In which case, congratulations, you are living the dream. I don’t say that full of envious sarcasm, no no not at all. Or, if you signed a lease for a house based on the beautiful light that streams through the windows and didn’t think about where you would be storing those extra linens, well, we’re (yes, I may have made that decision) gonna have to get crafty together. That leaves us with option 3, to create storage opportunities in our current space.

I think people fall generally into two camps. They’re crafty and love altering existing items. Or they just want to go to Pottery Barn and not worry about the proper way to spray paint anything. Hopefully this list of suggestions covers both camps and some spots in between. I personally do not mind a little DIY extra leg work if I get a personal and affordable option I love.

While you may need some hardcore shelving units and there are plenty of options out there for that, I’m going to present some dual purpose furniture that will allow you to incorporate storage space into your everyday living space. Don’t be afraid to use color on these pieces to inject some new life into your space. They could be a fun accent piece to your room.

Organizing with storage options

Storage Bench – Make room for this versatile piece of furniture. Use in your welcome area of the home as a shoe storage space (and place to sit and put shoes on before you leave the house) or get a bench with a lifting lid for more private storage needs. Maybe place this at the end of your bed for additional seating options in the bedroom as well as a place to store extra linens.

Purchase option

Litter Box enclosure / cabinet – Is there anything more awkward than inviting company into your home and they have to see your cat’s litter box hanging out in the bathroom or living room? It says, yes, please come in, eat some of the delicious selections off my cheese board. Oh, and take a look at my cat’s poo. Gross. Beautify your space by offering your cat a place to poo in peace. Also, depending on the design of the cabinet, you get to reduce the litter that follows your cat when they exit the litter box. Use extra space inside the cabinet to store the extra bag of litter and the scooper. Utilize the top to display the curios you have collected over the years and pray the cat won’t be a cat and knock them all off.

Purchase option

DIY instructions

Stackable wood boxes – Choose a customizable option. I purchased a set of wood open front boxes from Ikea for cheap. You don’t have to stick with one box option. Think untreated wine boxes as well. Wood is so easy to stain and paint for an easy customizable accent storage piece. I took some leftover stain my Dad had laying around and some bright acrylics for a fun, personal and stackable storage option. You could store linens, toys, utilize as a creative bookshelf option. This option is somewhere between the DIY and purchase as you can take this as far into the customized realm as you’d like.

Purchase option

Repurposing thrift store finds – file cabinets, industrial metal furniture, tool shop storage are all great ways you can take existing or really cheap pieces you run across and make them fun, colorful and customized. Why spend hundreds on a file cabinet when you could buy one from your thrift store for $5, spend a few dollars on spray paint and get a completely custom item that brightens up your room? Bonus feature: add wheels to any of these pieces and make them easy to move.

You can take flat file drawers and utilize them for storing the silver flatware and the delicate china plates. Or tablecloths or drawings from your kids you’re not ready to part with.

Attractive bike storage options

Bike storage options – You’re like me. You love your bike and outside storage is not an option at this time. But there’s nothing worse than coming in your front door, hands laden full of grocery bags and having to squeeze by your bike you’re storing in your front entry. Not ideal! Bikes can take up a lot of valuable floor space and aren’t exactly the decoration technique you imagined as an adult. This big problem can be rectified by storing your bikes beautifully in your home without any tacky industrial garage hooks options. You know the kind I’m talking about.

Purchase option

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