Housewarming party ideas

Housewarming parties are parties you get to throw for yourself. They’re parties you get to celebrate your existence outside of your birthday! How can you hate a housewarming party? A whole party to say, Yay! Look at all I have accomplished! Look at me, I own a couch! I have walls with maybe artwork on them! I’ve done it, look at how fantastic it all is! And then to continue celebrating you being you, people bring you gifts! For no reason other than they are excited you are you and this is your life! Congratulations on unpacking/hiding/incorporating into your decor the still full moving boxes! Here, congratulations on doing this thing called life, here’s a bottle of wine, let’s marvel at the funny/tiny/great storage/bathroom/antique doorbell.

The moral of this story is, always throw yourself housewarming parties. And if you’re invited, always go to them. They’re so low pressure, you can grab that bottle of three buck chuck and gift it to this person and it doesn’t matter, let’s all celebrate our existence.

Housewarming parties should then be enjoyable to put together. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Well, maybe cleaning the bathroom before the party is a chore but soon your house will be filled with people you love! It’s going to be like, and will most likely literally be like getting a hug from all the people you love. Make that house a home with all those hugs and love.

Ideas for housewarming parties. Keep it lighthearted and easy. No chores.

Housewarming party ideas and tips

Idea: Have a craft housewarming party where you make flower crowns with your guests

Tip: Keep it seasonal. Don’t try to usher everybody on the patio if the weather is extreme in any direction. Maybe grilling hamburgers and sitting around the patio isn’t the best idea for a rainy day. But that really is as low key as you can get. So there’s an idea. I’ll bet you have condiments in your fridge, buy some meat and buns and cheese. Cut up fruit and put out some chips. Leave a cooler full of ice for people to stash drinks. Use paper plates and disposable cups and forks. Have some tunes for people to dance to if they want. Don’t make it so loud nobody can hear each other, this isn’t the bar you go to on Friday night looking to bring somebody home. You know why they keep that music so loud? So you keep drinking and so you can’t talk to realize what a dumb decision you might be making. And then continuing to drink does help with the making potentially dumb decisions. And in the morning, that person opens their mouth and you’re like, gross, word vomit you’re terrible what have I done. But that’s not what housewarming parties are! So, whew! Keep that music low enough for people to like each other still.

Housewarming party ideaOther housewarming party ideas. Make meatballs, set up chairs and play a constantly shifting game of Apples to Apples or charades where everybody is winning.  The meatballs aren’t important, they’re just a flexible food you can make in advance.

Party idea. Ask everybody to wear one specific color. Whoever wears the color that matches your new painted wall color the most wins.

Party idea. Use your place as the jumping off point for an evening of fun. Have your friends ride their bikes over. Have an appetizer (hummus! Pretzels! Maybe something fancy like a veggie platter!) and a drink and go out on an adventure of dancing/singing karaoke/museum browsing.

Carl Sagan housewarming party ideasParty idea. Ask everybody to dress like a philosopher or scientist or English professor. Hopefully everybody comes dressed like Carl Sagan. Make the party about photographing your brilliant and beautiful friends. Hang the Polaroids on your wall as a live art installation.

Party idea. Say hey, I’m having an open house. I have a fire and some drinks and some popcorn. It’s in a tin container, we’ll shake it over the fire to pop it. Stop by, my doors will be open from 5-11. Literally keep an open door and point and laugh at how great this is.

Party idea. Have a celebration of all things southern party. Drink bourbon, play yard games like croquet and badminton. Catch fireflies in jars. Stain your feet purple with fallen mulberries. Roast hotdogs with onions and peppers in a firepit. Wear fabulous hats.

Housewarming pizza party tipsParty tip. Be easy. Be welcoming. Be happy. Wear sweatpants if you want. Have a movie night. Have a craft party. Make flower crowns. Eat pizza. Everybody loves a pizza party. You know what you should be doing if you weren’t throwing a housewarming party? You should be delivering pizzas because that is the greatest job because nobody ever was anything but happy to see the pizza delivery man.

You see that? You see how I did that? Housewarming parties are so easy. Really, stop stressing, this is going to be the best ever. There are so few parties you get to throw for yourself in your lifetime, really embrace this. Low key, low cost, low pressure. And welcome home, you brilliant and beautiful creature.

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