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Things to consider before movingThere’s a plethora of things you should consider prior to packing the moving boxes, ordering the moving van and employing all your friends to help. I’m not talking about checking off a moving list to make the move itself successful but rather the steps you can take to ensure the move is as permanent as you intend for it to be. Because, as is my mantra by now, moving is really stupidly expensive. Besides the energy and time it sucks away from the fun things in life, all those boxes you threw out for the expensive electronics now need to be replaced. It’s not like one Flat Screen TV Box is expensive, it’s that you probably have two or three or more you need to buy now. How many dinners out are you sacrificing to protect those expensive toys? Yeah, this is why moving is expensive and why you most likely do not want to do it again in six months when you find out you hate your new location.

So what else? Here are a few questions to consider.

What is the political climate like? If you’re on one extreme and the new location is on the other extreme, you’re likely to get frustrated with your neighbors, coworkers and community at large. You’ll give up on the place long before you move away. Things to consider before moving

Have you visited for a temperature gauge of the community? I’m not talking weather and Doppler reports but personalities and culture though weather may play a significant role. What if you’re coming from sunny Florida and heading to dreary Minnesota in winter, especially this recent winter full of snow days. Visiting in person can give you a feel for the city before you move. Spend more than a day. Walk around and pretend you live there, note things that both excite you and frustrate you. Are people snobby everywhere you go but your Midwestern attitude is polite and pleasant? Another way to gauge is via online research. This can greatly reveal the interests and personality types when the anonymity of the internet comes into play.

This really is an important thing to consider, no matter how small you may think it is. You may not recognize right away the differences between coasts but you roll up with your moving truck full of your boxes and furniture, you may start to notice things you thought you didn’t have to think about before. If you can’t relate or find your niche, you’ll be likely to be getting out ASAP.

Consider resources before movingWhat are the available resources? If your family is your main resource, your life-force and support system, you might want to reconsider moving 3,000 miles from them. What else is important to you? Farm fresh food, a roller derby group, art museums? What gets you excited? What supports your passion? It’s not like these places are unique to any one area of the world but you’ll need to consider your budget in relation to them. Maybe you cannot afford to be located near the things you love and it may leave you feeling isolated. Sure, New York has subways to get you to destinations but major sprawling metropolitans like Dallas, Los Angeles or Phoenix might have you driving 45 minutes plus to those life sustaining activities / hobbies / careers. Just consider it.

There’s probably an infinite number more questions to consider. Will I like my landlord / neighbors / local grocery? Will I be able to live the lifestyle I aspire to? Will I find a new friend group to take away the loneliness? The thing is, you can ask yourself all of the questions and carefully consider the options but you may just not know until you’ve taken the plunge. You may not know until you’re attempting to buy a rotisserie chicken on a Tuesday night with all the other people you just realized you hate. You may do all you can to research and it may just not pan out. Don’t beat yourself out about it, okay? At least you did some work to try to prevent this.

You tried! You’re trying! The only constant is change so let’s embrace that. First investigate, do some recognizance. And then commit one way or another. Some things you can think until you’re blue but you won’t know until you try. I tell my best friend, an over thinker, Less Thinking More Doing. I mean, that advice is for the over thinkers in the crowd, not for those looking to forgive their lack of research. Maybe this is all the worst contradictory advice ever. Whatever, yo. It’s just a blog.

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