How to: Pack and Move Wine

How to pack wine for movingOh, hi there new best friend. You have so much wine you can’t drink it all before moving day? Or, you can’t imagine giving away your wine collection to friends as you pack up your house. You sure you don’t need some help drinking that? No? Okay, well, here’s some info how to deal with your wine and liquor collection when moving.

Wine is a) breakable b) spoils when exposed to heat and light c) expensive d) everybody’s best friend. <3 So how the hell are you going to move it across town, across the country or around the world? I can help with across town and even across the country but around the world is an entirely different topic of conversation I’m afraid we won’t be able to cover in post. International laws are another beast all together.

The good news is you don’t have to give up your collection just because you’re moving house and the bonus is that you have options.

Option one. There are wine storage facilities. These are specific temperature and climate controlled mini vaults for your liquid assets. They specialize in the thing you value so much. Find one near you and indulge in that monthly fee to keep your babies all safe and tucked in for sweet dreams.

Option two. Pack in boxes and drive in your car to keep as climate controlled as possible. Or pack in Styrofoam coolers to help with temperature regulation and keeping lights away as well as absorbing vibrations. You’ll want to pad each bottle with plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap, which will help with temperature control as well. Alcohol is never allowed on your full service moving truck. What a buzzkill, right?

Option three. Shipping through the mail or another carrier, though technically you may not be able to according to each state’s laws. You’ll want to ship in cooler months so that leaves you options to pack up your wine in coolers and leave with a friend who doesn’t mind storing for you and dropping off at UPS for you when the weather allows. You’ll want to note the contents as olive oil or glassware to get around any specific harassment. The rules aren’t entirely clear and I’m not telling you to break them, but the way I understand, since you’ll be shipping your personal property to yourself, not like from a winery.

If you don’t have a friend who can help you with this task, you can ask your local wine store or wine storage facility as they can often help with arranging storage and shipments for you.

how to ship wine bottles

Option four. There are moving companies that specialize in moving wine collections. Do a quick search for Professional Wine Shipping, though this may be the most expensive option. They’ll walk you through the entire process.

If you’re not hiring somebody to pack and ship your wine for you, you’ll want to pay attention to the best way to pack your wine bottles. You’ll need boxes large and strong enough for wine bottles, obviously, bubble wrap and packing paper, and packing tape.

Wine is shipped upright unless they are old bottles. Old bottles of wine should be shipped and stored on the side to keep the cork wet. You can always use a moving box on the non-seam side as the bottom of the box.

You’ll want to wrap each bottle of wine in three sheets of plain packing paper, tucking as you wrap. Bottles should never touch the walls of the moving box and never touch each other directly in the box. Empty space should be void filled with crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap. If you decide to wrap bottles in bubble wrap, you have the chance of keeping the bottle temperatures more stable through the move. Bubble wrap is great at helping to hold a tempe

How to pack and move wine

While we were busy writing this post, all our moms were on Pintrest deciding how to use all those old corks

rature as well as cushion.

If you box doesn’t fit the bottles nicely, you’ll need to pad boxes on all sides with packing paper. Of course you could go to a liquor store and pick up some heavy-duty boxes from them if that’s the option you’d like to go with. Even if the boxes have cardboard partitions in them, you’ll want to wrap the bottles in packing paper and make sure there is no room for any of the bottles to shift.

Now, there’s always a fifth option. You throw the biggest and best Great Gatsby party you can imagine for all the people you love and drink all that beautiful adult grape juice up so you don’t have to pack the bottles. And you can send us a personal invitation directly to…. I digress. Good luck out there, my movers and shakers.


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