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Keep your pantry organizedI live in a tiny, tiny little house. It’s perfect for me but has challenged me since moving in to store everything efficiently. I know this isn’t a challenge unique to me. Even people who live in homes with thousands of square feet struggle to store everything they’ve brought into their home without making it look cluttered or inefficient. So let’s chat, shall we?

The kitchen is a big culprit for clutter and disorganization. This is for a variety of reasons but the real cause is you’re trying to take a bunch of different shaped objects and put them in drawers and cabinets which can be tricky getting all those different shapes to play nice with each other. So what do you do? There are some options.

Awhile back I converted from plastic storage containers to glass. I wasn’t comfortable with my food being stored in plastic all the time and noticed the smell of certain foods never really we

Keep you kitchen organized

Another conscious decision I’ve made over the years regarding my kitchen is to only bring gadgets and tools into the kitchen that are multipurpose and I’ll use over and over. Here’s a recent example. I was making sweet potato biscuits which requires you to bake sweet potatoes and run them through a potato ricer before mixing with flour and buttermilk. This was the third batch of these biscuits I had made in as many years and this recent round I contemplated going out and buying  a potato ricer. But guess what? My potato masher does a completely adequate job for a recipe I make once a year for three years running. That’s a device I’ve never once thought of using outside this recipe. On the other hand, my micro plane grater is used all the time. From grating nutmeg to lemon zest to parmesan cheese. While a micro plane grater is a minor investment of money and space, it is still worth every penny it is around. You don’t need a strawberry huller. Or an egg slicer. Or even a garlic press. And you can consolidate your electronics by having a toaster oven or giving up the blender when you buy a food processer.nt away after washing that plastic. So over time I converted to glass containers but I tried to do it in a smart way. I’m not advocating glass over plastic here but the lesson is universal. I chose to only bring in containers of one shape. I banned round containers, favoring the square and rectangular shapes. Having one shape means I can stack them nestling when they’re not in use. And when they’re full of food in the refrigerator, the space is maximized by stacking and fitting them together like tetris pieces. Another important note about storage containers is to have a variety of sizes; this will ensure you’re able to store the food in a container the right size instead of three times too large, wasting valuable space in the fridge or your lunch bag.

I’ve talked about this before about items that are rarely used but used together can be put in a storage box to be stored out of the kitchen. Think of the turkey roaster pan you use but once or twice a year. Pair it with the baster, carving knife and the turkey platter you only use for that one event. These are nice ways to grab and go from your self storage unit or the attic. Labeling these boxes will be very important in case you need to mix and match for a random event.

How to organize your homeFor the rest of your space, use everything you have as smart as you can. Use a shower curtain rod to hang bottles of cleaners below the kitchen sink. Use cabinet dividers to get trays, boards and sheets to stay vertical in cupboards. Spice racks are designed to help you deal with those random spices you pick up while in the store in an organized and accessible fashion. Use these old tools, they’ve been around for a long time for reason.

After you’ve run through all of these options, maybe you need to still consider adding a piece of storage furniture in your kitchen. Keeping with the theme, I would suggest getting something that is multipurpose and attractive addition. Kitchen islands are great ways to help with both storage and countertop space.

Keep it simple keep it organizedLessons learned: Use containers that can nestle when not in use and stack when full. Stop bringing tools into your kitchen that don’t serve you well. Use off-site storage for rarely used space-hungry pieces. Use age-old organization tools.

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